Barberton Airport
RWY 35-17. 1000m. Gravel/Grass. Lights. Elv: 2250ft. Co-ords:S25º43'051 - E030º58'515 Freq: 123.95 Call sign "Barberton"
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Barberton Airport is situated in the heart of the Barberton Valley in the most Southern part of the South African Lowveld (Wild Frontier). The airport is a privately owned residential airport. Prior written permission and an indemnty is required prior to landing. See Airport information & procedures. Landing fees apply.

Situated 15km from Barberton and 35 km from Nelspruit, off the R40, 1km on the Snymansbuilt road.

1000m / 3000ft compacted grass runway with lights, lodge on airport and secure aircraft parking area.

Barberton Airport is also the South African base for Bush Air and CC Pocock's famous Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Courses.