45 hectars (110 acres) of bush / farmland, 2 houses, hangar and storerooms. Private airport.

"Lock, Stock and Barrel". R4 900 000.00 Email:

Spectacular views of the Barberton Valley and mountains. Over 200 species of bird life. Wild animals such as kudu, impala, dyker, warthog & monkeys roam freely.

The runway including all buildings and aircraft parking area only occupies 25 acres of the total 110 acres.

Although this property is known as “Barberton Airport”, it is privately owned with a 1000m / 3300ft grass runway with lights. A new owner is not obligated in any way to continue operating the property as an airport! Lots of potential. Perfect for game / cattle farming.

There two 2 residences. The main residence is a fully furnished and equipped 625sm (2000 sft) air conditioned 6 bedroom lodge & house consisting of kitchen-bar, entertainment-lounge-dining area with large wood burning fire place, DSTV & surround sound system, pantry, scullery, laundry, swimming pool, jacuzzi, a large hanger - garage - workshop with ajoining storerooms that can accomodate 2 light aircraft and vehicles, large hardware storeroom and a control tower / office. The second residence was the old terminal building that was converted into a private 3 bedroom double story house, garage and workshop. It is situated halfway down the runway next the apron /aircraft parking area.

The actual airport and runway area including all buildings only occupies about 25 acres of the total 110 acre property therefore 84 acres of good farm land is still unused and has game / cattle farming potential. Very safe and secure enclosed by electrified game fencing with two remote controled security gates. There is a 4500l/h borehole well with good quality drinking water to the houses and has never run dry! A second borehole site has never been used. Two streams flow through the property. Plenty water year round!

Also included is a tractor and slasher, fire emergency vehicle and a licensed 12 ton 6x4m explosives magazine that can be used as a secure storeroom or rented out to a blaster. There is a lot more inventory thats not listed here.

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Barberton Airport property boundry- googlemap
Boundry of property indicated by the yellow line.
Lodge and main residence.
View of the Barberton Valley to the South
Swimming pool
Main deck
Kitchen and bar. Gas stove, grill and extractor. 5 fridges. Many appliances. Scullery and pantry behind kitchen.
Bedrooms and bathrooms
Bedrooms and bathrooms
Bedrooms and bathrooms
Control tower / office. Airconditioned.
Spare bedroom / gym
West side
Hangar and workshop
Main hardware storeroom / garage
Explosives magazine / storeroom
Fire fighting emergency vehicle
Tractor including a slasher and road scraper / grader.
A stream runs through property
Hamock cave
View from east side of runway 17
View from deck towards the south of the Barberton Valley
Runway 35 threshold
Veiw of valley and aircraft parking area from runway midway
2nd residence. Old terminal building and tower next to the aircraft parking / apron area has been converted into a 3 bedroom residence with garage and workshop.
Excellent security. Entire infrustructure and runway is enclosed with electified game fencing.
Drive way into property
Aerial view towards the North
Aerial view of property towards the south

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